Our Covid-19 Safe Plan

LAVic has been working hard to develop a set of protocols to assist centres commence training activities and competition in a safe way and to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

For the 2020/2021 Season we will need to change the way we do things and how we conduct our training and competition activities so we can remain COVID-19 safe!

If you, or any member of your family, have any cold or flu symptoms do not attend any training session or competition day and get tested!  If you are feeling unwell or if you are being tested for COVID-19 you must inform our COVID Safe Officials (CSOs).

Here is a summary of the protocols:


* We have a number of COVID Safe Officials (CSOs) to make sure everyone is following the protocols.

* Athletes and their families/guardians will need to sign in at each training session and competition day (using a QR Code).

* Physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres must be observed by all attendees at all times.

* We will advocate a "Get In, Train/Compete, Get Out" approach.

* Face masks are to worn by all attendees 12 years of age and older, including athletes when not competing/training.

* Maintenance of high standards of personal hygiene - such as regular hand sanitisation is essential.

* Athlete groups cannot exceed 10 athletes.

* Attendees should avoid all contact with others (e.g., high fives, handshakes are to be avoided).

* Attendees may not gather in groups exceeding 10 people.

* Attendees must use hand sanitiser prior to the commencement and completion of all training sessions and competition days.

* Attendees must thoroughly wash their hands after using the toilets.

* Athletes are required to sanitise their hands after sneezing/coughing.

* We will provide hand sanitiser at the sign-in table, toilets, at each event site and at the canteen.

* We will also provide disinfectant wipes at each event site where equipment is used.

* We have devised a regular and thorough cleaning schedule to disinfect all common areas and high touch surfaces.


* Only attendees essential to the conducting of training sessions and competition days are allowed to be present.  This includes ONE supervising parent/guardian.

* A parent/guardian who is supervising children, athletes, coaches, CSOs and volunteers are considered essential at training sessions.

* A parent/guardian who is supervising children, athletes, CSOs and volunteers are considered essential on competition days.

* Spectators (such as relatives, friends, members of the general public) whose presence is not essential for the conducting of training and competition activities or whose presence is not required for the supervision of children are NOT permitted to at our training sessions and competition days.


* Athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, towels and other personal items to avoid sharing.

* Uniform items are not to be shared.

* Before and after each training session and competition day, we will thoroughly clean all equipment.

* For training, we encourage athletes to bring their own equipment where practicable to avoid, where possible, the sharing of equipment.

* Athletes are required to sanitise their hands after using shared, or their own, equipment.

* At training and on our competition days, in relation to throwing events (such as discus, javelin and shot put), we will clean the throwing implement with disinfectant wipes after each attempt.  Athletes are required to sanitise their hands after each throw.

At training and on our competition days, in relation to long jump and triple jump, athletes will be required to clean their hands of sand and sanitise after each jump.

* At training and on competition days, in relation to high jump, all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and each athlete must sanitise their hands after each jump.


We have confirmed with LAVic that children are able to wear gloves when competing in throwing and jumping events. However, children are still required to santise, but less frequently.  We recommend netball gloves. Gloves are not supplied by the club.

For more detailed information, please see the LAVic COVID-19 Protocols.

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