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Little Athletics is a sport built on volunteer participation. To run a successful club and program it is vital that families contribute to the running of competitions and events.  We need your assistance and commitment.  There are many benefits to volunteering - it's social, fun and rewarding to know that your contribution is helping the community.  We also encourage you to watch your own children while helping out at events - after all, we all love supporting and encouraging our children!

Parents whose athletes are attending our regional and state events are also required to volunteer to assist with allocated centre duties.

Unfortunately, where there are not enough volunteers at a centre scheduled event, that event will be cancelled so that all remaining events can run smoothly and without delay. To encourage our families to volunteer we have implemented a Volunteer Program.  


To be eligible to receive medals on Championship Day, every family is required to help out at least once a month on a competition day (this includes 1 set up). To help set up for the day, you need to arrive at least 45 mins before warm up commences. 



At Presentation Night, a Volunteer Raffle is held for those families who have helped more than than required. For each extra volunteer, the family receives a ticket in the raffle (capped at 5 tickets per family). Prizes include one paid membership, for the following season, club jacket, personal coaching session, and movie tickets!


At the end of the season,  the Top 10 families who have gone above and beyond for the cub will be awarded a Volunteer Recognition Prize.  Committee members are excluded from consideration.  This is just a little way of showing how much we appreciate all the hard work throughout the season!

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