The Cross Country Season is our Winter sport and runs from May to August of each year. Craigieburn Little Athletics is part of the Cross Country Division 1 Region.  The clubs that make up Division 1 include Essendon, Keilor, Sunbury, Coburg, Hume, Lancefield/Romsey, Diamond Valley, Whittlesea City and Preston/Reservoir Little Athletic clubs.

One of the greatest challenges of cross country is the ability to keep a constant speed on the ever-changing terrain and battling with weather conditions. There are many benefits of cross country running. It improves lung capacity, endurance is greatly enhanced, it builds core strength, fitness levels substantially increase and athletes are challenged to become mentally tough.  The greatest benefit is that every athlete has a real sense of personal achievement.

The distances run by athletes are according to their age group as follows:


U6 - 500m

U7 & U8 - 1,000m

U9 & U10 - 1,500m

U11 & U12 - 2,000m

U13 to U16 - 3,000m

Competitions are held weekly at various clubs in the region, so some travel is required (see the Cross Country Calendar).  A number of Open Days are also held during the season where medals are awarded to the first three place getters in every age group.  There is also a Region Cross Country Carnival and the State Cross Country Championships. To qualify for the State competition, athletes must compete in the Region Cross Country Carnival.

If you are already a registered member for the 2021/2022 Season, the Cross Country Season is included in the fees you have already paid! All you need to do, is show up to training!

If you are not a registered member, you will need to register to be able to attend the cross country training sessions.  You will need to register via the Little Athletics Victoria website.  The cost to register is $90 per athlete.

Also, all athletes are required to pay a weekly competition fee of $2.00 per athlete (max $5 per family) which helps to pay for trophies awarded on Presentation Day.