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At the end of every Summer Season, Craigieburn Little Athletics holds Championship Day where all athletes compete in 5 events across the day and are awarded medals for placing first, second and third in each event. For those athletes that do not place in any event, a participation medal is awarded.

To be eligible for a place medal, athletes must meet the minimum requirements for attendance and parents must have achieved their volunteer obligations for the season.  Where volunteer obligations have not been met or in circumstances where athletes have registered later in the season, we encourage athletes to participate and enjoy the day however they are only eligible to receive a participation medal.

Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer on the day.  To encourage our volunteers, all parent volunteers who help out on the day will go into the draw to win a raffle prize! Volunteering on this day does not form part of the volunteering requirements for the season.  So all parents have a chance to watch their children perform, the volunteering positions are rotated halfway through the competition. 

This is a special day where athletes can:

                    Be their Best

                    Be Competitive

                    Show Sportsmanship

                    Have Fun

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