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At Craigieburn Little Athletics we want to reward our athletes for all their accomplishments throughout the season.  We want to recognise and celebrate their participation in our sport, improvements, outstanding performances, dedication and sportsmanship.  All awards are presented to athletes at our end of season celebration!



Athletes are presented with a trophy to celebrate their achievements throughout the season. To be eligible athletes must have achieved a minimum attendance rate of 75% from the date of becoming a member.  Special consideration is given in circumstances where it was not possible for athletes to meet this criteria (e.g., illness, holidays, etc)



The prestigious Coaches Award is presented to 5 athletes who the coaches believe have shown exceptional improvement, 100% effort at training, a willingness to listen and learn, adhere to our Codes of Conduct and who show great sportsmanship. 


To be eligible, athletes must regularly attend training. 



Achieving a Centre Record is a great achievement! Each athlete who equals or breaks a Centre Record will be presented with a certificate on a competition day. At the end of the Season, a trophy is awarded to the top 2 athletes who have achieved the most Centre Records.



Little athletics is all about improving.  A trophy is awarded to the female and male with the most Personal Bests for the season. 




These awards recognise our athletes' performances in all track and field events.  Trophies are presented to the Female and Male Winner and Runner-Up in each of the following categories:

* U6 - U7

* U8 - U9 

* U10 - U11

* U12 - U13

* U14 - U15

* U16 - U17




This esteemed award is presented to athletes who has shown continuous and exceptional improvement throughout the season. Trophies are awarded to the Most Improved Junior Male & Female (U6 - U11) and the Most Improved Senior Male & Female (U12 - U17). 



Athletes who have been members for 5, 7 and 10 consecutive years are awarded special trophies and certificates as an appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the club.



This award is presented to the top two athletes who have performed at the highest level representing our Centre at Regional and State events during the Track & Field season.  

This award is based on participation and performance at region carnivals (such as the Relay, Combined and Track & Field Carnivals) and State Championships (such as the State Relays, State Combined and State Track & Field Championships) throughout the season.

To be eligible for this award, an athlete must compete in any of the 2 competitions such as Relays, Combined or Track & Field.

This award will not be awarded to an athlete in consecutive years.

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