Weekly Event Results


Your weekly results (Distance / Height / Time) are recorded online using ResultsHQ.  You can check your results for each session by logging into their portal.

To login use the email address that was used to register your child online with LAVic at the start of the season. The password is your child’s LAVic password

Login to ResultsHQ HERE.

Some results are entered manually and therefore may not be available until a few days after the competition day.

In the event of a washout, the events are subtracted from the system and do not effect the athlete’s attendance or points scoring.




Inside you will see the Meet Dates, and your registered athlete details. Click on an athlete’s name to see their results, or click the meet to see the results for all your registered members for that week.


ResultsHQ Trouble Shooting

The following instructions are provided in your initial password provision email, and are repeated here in case you cannot find that email. Hint for finding that email: it is from “[email protected]” and the subject is “Welcome to ResultsHQ Little Athletics on-line results”

Never used the system before; like to watch instructional videos – try this YouTube one out. Inside ResultsHQ.

Go to www.resultshq.com.au

Your username is your email address

Your password is ##########

p.s. If you have trouble logging in try these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your ‘Cookies’ are enabled
  2. Copy and paste the password instead or re-typing it
  3. Make sure you are using a current version of your browser

If you have questions about the results please contact your centre directly as we only provide they platform, were as your centre/club control the results entry process etc.